2016 Summer Project

by Elena and Dmitry


The Caches We Have Tried To Find This Summer

GeoCache Name Cache ID Date Status
2015 GC5JF6 2016-08-09 Found
This is our first time to this park - So we will see what it has to bring us today. After reading the recent articles on this place it seems this place was hoppin' and bobbin' last month if you know what I mean. We found GZ quickly but walked right on past. So the slow cacher ended up with the find. Thanks!
Josie GC4R50 2016-08-09 Found
Ok, so we decided we like this place and it could be really nice if the boaters and fisherman would clean up after themselves. There are some very nice views of the Sanfords Pond here. We found the caches rather quickly signed the log and then headed on up hill. Thanks!!!
MP #100 GC5BM4 2016-08-09 Found
Nice easy hike to this one - The last two had us stumped - we are going to try and look for them on the way back. GZ came fast and we made the find, Thanks!!!
Wallace GC4R50 2016-08-09 Found
Like many of the logs say about the caches in this park - You find GZ rather quickly and then the bounce sets in. So we just spread out and we had the cache in our hands in a five minutes. We signed teh log and moved on down the trail.
O'Deer GC5C96 2016-08-09 Found
After a quick walk over from Wallace again we started bouncing at GZ and it was all over but I checked out the clue before we left so I knew what we were looking for. We walked around in a large circle and there it was, the Betula lenta in all of its glory. And, not just one of them but three and there are some more and there is another...... We found the cache! Thanks!!
Red and Blue make Purple GC5JDE 2016-08-09 Found
Walked all the way from O'Deer to get to this one. A nice trek but we made it without any trouble. We did find a tree that some kids carved there names into way back in 1973 George Tremblay and Mike Moore and Mo Davis did 11 years earlier in 1962. We found the cache with no problems. It had slid out of its hiding place so after we signed teh log we slid it back in. Thanks!!
Devil's Den GC5JGN 2016-08-09 Found
OK this was a cool one! First we ended up bushwhacking most of our way there. When we arrived we were not sure which way was our best approach. So we walked around to the other side and made our way in to the den. We made the find quickly and took some pictures. Great place! Thanks!!
On The Border GC47MV 2016-08-09 Found
We stopped to pick this up after visiting Farrington Woods right across the street. This was our 9th cache for the day. Thanks!!
The Pineapple Cache! GC58VR 2016-08-09 Found
Since we were in the area we stopped by to pick this one up. We quietly walked by the patrons and found the prize. Thanks!
No Fish Here GC5JDA 2016-08-09 Found
This was our last cache for the day - our tenth. We drove right up to GZ hoped out of the car did a quick search and teh cache was in hand - signed teh log hoped back inthe car and headed for home. Thanks!!!
Ives21 - GCS GC5HPX 2016-08-05 Found
We started out this morning from the lot on Route 7 heading toward Jackson Lake. This our first time going down this part of the trail. We have been all over the parks that make up the Ives trail, but not hear. And, what a wonderful addition to connect this awesome trail system together! We found the cache but did not have a writing utensil but we did stop on the way back to sign. Thanks!!!
Ives20 - MotH GC5HPX 2016-08-05 Found
I believe it was a little over 10 years ago I remember helping make this part of the trail. I do not believe the stairs were in yet. I remember seeing the article in the paper when they were installed and were christened the Praxiar Stairway To Heaven (I guess they paid for it). Today the stairs were very overgrown today were almost covered in places. Weed Wacker!! The trail is also getting very narrow this time a year and made for a cozy walk, and definite tick check, up the hill. We found the cache quickly and continued on up the hill. Thanks!!!
Ives19 - Variations on America GC5HPW 2016-08-05 Found
On our way up the hill we passed some trees and I said it looks as if the tops have been ripped off. Then I noticed a strip of light trough the trees and then all of the trees knocked over and their root bases up lifted out of the ground. I see this is the work of Hurricane Sandy. This is the first time I have been on this trail since 2009. WOW! Limbo Down Now .... How Low Can you go? We found the cache, signed the log and headed out for our next surprise. Thanks!
Ives18 - A Symphony: New England Holidays GC5HNF 2016-08-05 Found
We made it out of Sandy's destruction and honed right in on this one and, but wait, Ohh my, what happened? When we got in front of GZ we found nicely colored guard bird but it was no longer guarding the cache. It was dead. On closer inspection it looks as it died less than 48 hrs ago and was full of beetles and some flies. And, well, this made it difficult to get at the cache, but we managed to slip on by. We signed the log and slipped it back in it's hiding place and headed for #17
Ives17 - The Unanswered Question GC5HMP 2016-08-05 Found
OK so today's caches seem to have something going on with them in some way or another and this was not going to disappoint. We had not read the description so we were a little hesitant leaving the Ives trail. But I soon remembered that the final to one of the earlier Ives Multi-caches that were in this park had brought us up to the top of this hill. So we make it to the top and we quickly located the cache. We open it up there were a couple of loose sheets of log papers torn out of the log and on top of it in a plastic bag. I took them out, low and behold one of the sheets that was torn out was on top and was the log sheet that we had signed on 11/15/2009. WOW! Almost 7 years ago.
Ives16 - Symphony No. 3, The Camp Meeting GC5HKN 2016-08-05 Found
Well I am not sure why we decided to walk down the hill not on the trail. It just kind of happened and we ended up bushwhacking almost all of the way to GZ. We had a little bounce going on but we were able to find ii, sign it, and move on down the trail. Thanks!
Ives15 - YC GC5HHW 2016-08-05 Found
We made our way from the camp meeting and we saw GZ from a distance and moved in for the kill. We signed the log and headed on down the trail for our last cache for today. Thanks!
Ives14 - Cd'A GC5HPR 2016-08-05 Found
It was a nice easy hike to our last cache for today, for a total of 8. We found GZ quickly and all I can say is this place up here can get a little Erratic with all of these boulders. I wonder which rock outcropping they fell up from? Hmmmmm. Thanks!!!
Treeditional Quickie GC5E0C4 2016-08-03 Found
We had been to this place before and the title told it all - we drove up to within 20 feet of the cache - we were in and out in 3 min - Thanks for this quickie!
Trip Trap GC5B5CN 2016-07-26 Found
Out today on our weekly hike. We are a few days early this week but that is Ok since we did not go on a real hike. Just a couple of hours of CarCaching. We found the area rather quickly and GZ was waiting for us. We looked around for while and then decided to just dive in and there is was, we found it! Thanks!!
Three Mile View GCZKNQ 2016-07-26 Found
Ok, so this was my second time here and it has changed a lot in the last five years. I remember all of the trees were cut down and the view was so much more. The trees and shrubs have now really grown back. Last time I was here the cache was missing. I even had a park ranger help and that is how we came to the conclusion it was gone. Well this time we found it but it was missing it's container. It is bound to get wet again. Thanks for the View!!!
By George GC12JMM 2016-07-26 Found
I believe this is the top of the park 1340 ft above sea level. It was quite a climb. And this was the second time since coming from the bridge at the small falls. First we stopped and took a moment to pay respect to our fallen hero. This was an awesome monument. Then, we searched for the cache but first we found one of the stages of a multi-cache. Took a picture for next time we come to find the caches that we missed today. But, then right around the corner we found the real thing! We traded TB'd and headed on down the trail. Thanks for bringing us here!
Orange you glad your caching? GC5B5DP 2016-07-26 Found
After deciding to take the wrong trail for some reason we decided to bushwhack for about 1200 feet instead of backtracking. It was not too bad and there were not too many obstacles to cross. We found two different trails on the way but stayed on the path we choose at first and we ended on the orange trail. But, we did not find GZ at first since the bounce was great. We found it!!! Thanks!
Carcache GC1C6YB 2016-07-26 Found
WE made our way down the trail to this one and it was easy. It may have been in the name but our first time cacher made the find. She had a slight advantage of being able to look low. We checked out the treasure chest and then headed for the waterfall! Thanks!!
Monster Mouth GC1AYMA 2016-07-26 Found
Heading for the Waterfall - Are We There Yet!! - We stopped for our sixth cache today. There was a slight bounce going on but it kept leading us back to the hiding place and hole and below there it was. We signed the log and moved on down the trail! Thanks!!
Misplaced Buckeye I GC3QAMX 2016-07-26 Found
If there is one better than ground peanuts it is ground hazelnuts. Wonder what ground Buckeye's taste like? I used to collect Buckeye's when I was a kid in Cincinnati a long time ago.We made it to GZ with no problems it had been a long day - 7 caches, 8.5 miles, and the equivalent of going up and down 150 flights of stairs. So we used to clue to hone right in on it and we made the find. Woo Hoo!!! Thanks!! Back to the car and head for the pool!!!
The Dragon's Lair GC15XPA 2016-07-26 Not Found
I believe this was has been washed away - past logs have said they did not find it. I got right to GZ and there was no medium sized cache anywhere. This was my second time trying to find this one. last time I was here the water was so high there was no chance of getting to GZ.
Misplaced Buckeye II Nikko's Nook GC3QAPK 2016-07-26 Not Found
We found GZ quickly put coud put our fingers on it - we did not spend a whole lot of time - we were tired so wew will be back.
Leatherman's Circuit - Roxbury GCVN32 2016-07-23 Found
We got a late start today and have to be back early so we decided to do what we call Car-Caching. This was our first for the day. It has been on our list for a while and we just been to another Leatherman's Cave. This was more of an overhang but there are a lot of very impressive rocks there. Thanks for the cache!
Far Point GCQV0J 2016-07-23 Found
This was my fourth time to this park and each time I was here I ran out of time to get this one way in the back corner of the park. So today we went to see the Leatherman's cache not to far from here and I saw this one on my GPS. I thought maybe there is a way in from the back side and sure enough there was. It was still a good climb up to the cache. We picked up the a TB and headed back to the car. Thanks!!!
BWCF14 - 3 GC5AJJM 2016-07-23 Found
No one was a there to get hooked but I will always keep pushin'. Found a typical Geriando hide, signed the log and headed on down the road. Thanks G!
BWCF14 - 2 GC5AJJ6 2016-07-23 Found
We crept right in and scooped this one up. Good thing for the clue or we could have had many places to look./ And, oh yes, I have found a few of G's hides before so I kinda know what to expect. Thanks!
BWCF14 - 1 GC5AJHZ 2016-07-23 Found
We had been to this place a long time ago and I do not think we found any of them. We drove almost right up to this one and made the find rather quickly. Thanks!
BWCF13 GC4JKDW 2016-07-23 Found
Now this was a rather peculure place for what we found here. Maybe it used to be the end of the road, a dead end. I can't thinkn of why you would have that on the side of the road. Thanks!
BWCF14 - 5 GC5AN9A 2016-07-23 Found
We were here a little over a month ago and so we are back for our second try ,and there still is a lot of PI everywhere. Lots of bounce. GPS keeps taking me to one place and it is not there. I finally spot something that could be it and AHH HAA it is! Found it! Thanks!!!
The Hodge Park Massacre GC6NCBH 2016-07-23 Not Found
This was little puzzeling and little scary since GZ was right next to the road. Need to come back and try again - with our TOTT
COYOTE UGLY GCRV4Z 2016-07-15 Found
THis was our first cache of the day and as the previous log said it was all over the ground the container cracked open on the bottom. The top was still on. I out the stuff back inthe container and placed it back where it should be. But, it need s to be looked after. Thanks
FTF 013 - Free Bird GC14BX2 2016-07-15 Found
We found it but it took some bushwackin' to get there. Nice hide! TFTC!!
Westy's Cache GC1NVM6 2016-07-15 Found
We made our way back down after going up and down and up and down. Nice place for a rest and bit to eat. Had some fun in the river and then made our way to the cache. Found it rather easily but as teh log before said the book was not there. I guess it is still drying out. Thanks!!
Nice place for a cache. Loved the tunnel.....I bet they used something more than a couple of chisels. When we made it to this cache it was sitting right out in the open on the side of the trail next to the clue. It was all there and all was good. We put it back where it belonged and headed back to the car to head home - 7 miles and 4 caches today. Thanks!
Clam Shell Overlook Cache GCQHMG 2016-07-15 Not Found
This was puzzeling - we found where it looked like the clue was pointing but nothing - we stopped by twice and still nothing
HHWP 02 - Trail Head GC69YJC 2016-07-08 Found
Today was an overcast day not to hot but a little humid at times we had trouble with the first cache of the series so we moved on to #2 and we made the find rather quickly - That is one on our slate today! TFTC!!
HHWP 04 - Blue Trail GC69YJ7 2016-07-08 Found
This was our second find today. GPS brought right to GZ but had to look around for a minute and noticed something a little out of place in the photo and the cache was in hand. Thanks!
HHWP 05 - Stumped? GC69YJK 2016-07-08 Found
This was also another quick of the day. In and out no messin' about. Number three for the day - 2 for E and 1 for Me. TFTC!!!
HHWP 07 - South End GC69Y4Q 2016-07-08 Found
Sometimes you wonder if you should leave the trail because the growth along the trail is getting quite tall making it look like there are nothing but shrubs and weeds to see. But, we found a place to brake though and found some open wood and there it was. Another Giriando flavored hide! TFTC!!!
HHWP 08 - In Memorium GC69Y45 2016-07-08 Found
We got onto the road and we headed the wrong way down the road but were only about a hundred feet from it. We decided to go back and find the correct pole to make our way into the woods. we were now about 400 feet away and then we missed the red trail on the left. So back again and then up the red trail. We made our way over to the road, wandered around for a while, found the correct tree and then the cache. Checked out the Dog Memorial and headed back down the trail. Thanks!!!
HHWP 09 - Caved In GC69Y50 2016-07-08 Found
We did not have the coordinates loaded in the GPS for this cache so I tried to wing it and ended up on the wrong trail. After entering the coordinates we were headed in the right direction. Found the cache quite easily. That makes 3 for me, 2 for E, and 1 for D. We then headed on down the trail! Thanks!!!
HHWP 10 - Rock and a Hard Place GC69Y4V 2016-07-08 Found
Ok now we are headed back the way we went wrong when trying to guess where the last cache was. We zeroed in on GZ quickly and made the find. TFTC!!!
HHWP 11 - Partridge and a Bare Tree GC69YHR 2016-07-08 Found
We made it to GZ rather quickly and found our Partridge rather quickly, not sure if it was a Pear tree, pretty sure it was not. We searched the area for a minute or two and teh cache was in hand! TFTC!!!
HHWP 12 - Red Trail GC69Y52 2016-07-08 Found
Nothin' but Red trail for this one..........GPS took us right to GZ, and made the find. That makes 4 for Me 3 for E, and 2 for D. Next we were then on our way to the Dead Dead Tree. TFTC!!!
HHWP 13 - Branch Out GC69Y55 2016-07-08 Found
Found the the Tree and started to look. After reading the cache's past 5 logs I told teh gang that this had 2 DNF's so it did not look good. And, then there it was covered in cob webs. Nice find! TFTC!!!
HHWP 14 - Cornered? GC69Y58 2016-07-08 Found
We headed down the trail and we started to hear voices coming, The Muggles I said to the team. So we made it to GZ rather easily but it took some time looking around to finally find it. The voices were still a lillte off in the distance. So we hurriedly signed the log and ourselves back to the trail. TFTC!!!
HHWP 15 - Boulder Field GC69YHP 2016-07-08 Found
As we approached this one I got a little nervous because it looked like the boulder field would be in the middle of some tall grasses. But, as we moved along we passed most of the vegetation and started up hill. We then found the logical place it might be based on where Mr. GPS was taking us. Made the find before everyone was there. 5 for me, 4 for D and 3 for E
HHWP 16 - Memorial Trail GC69YJG 2016-07-08 Found
Figured out the way to go for this one after a couple of tries and then we remembered being here once before. Again we had the problem as to where to break through the tall grass to get to the woods. The grasses were 5-6-7 feet tall. We made it trough and headed for GZ once there we made the find rather quickly. Left the Travel Bug Mexican Rosary Beads and then moved on down the trail.
HHWP 17 - Bench GC69Y4K 2016-07-08 Found
This one had us going a little crazy. Like one cacher said earlier I too was fascinated with the sticks. I read the clue over and over and then realized where I had to be. We moved to the correct location and within 60 seconds the cache was in our grubby caching hands. TFTC!!! PS: A Park worker was there and said they were going to clean off the wall in the next week or two.
HHWP 18 - Lonely Tree GC69YJ5 2016-07-08 Found
So moved on through the fields and down to the Lonely Tree. There was not much else around so we headed right for it. Once wew there the cache was in hand and we were on our way. TFTC!!!
HHWP 19 - Maple Trees GC69YJ0 2016-07-08 Found
So it was over the hills and through the fields to Maple Trees we go. When we got there all three of us looked right at it and said there it is. Group Find!!! TFTC! We are now at 6.3 for Me, 5.3 for D, and 4.3 for E
HHWP 20 - Taunton Hill Summit GC69Y4A 2016-07-08 Found
Now we knew where we had to go.....up to the summit.....to the top of the rock! When we got there we looked in one place we thought it would be and did not find anything. I then said we have to go in the other direction and so we did and the find was ours!!! TFTC!!!
HHWP 01 - Front Gate GC69YHW 2016-07-08 Found
So we have now found 17 of the 20 caches in this series. We are headed back to the car and we decide we are going to try for #1 again. Mr GPS takes us to the same location we were looking before. We look some more but still no luck. And then, there it was, lying on the ground. It must have fallen but we were not sure where. So we put where thought it should be and go into the car to head home. Five hours! 18 Caches! Thanks! Final tally for the day was 7.3 for Me, 6.3 for D and 4.3 for E. TFTC's!!!
HHWP 06 - Bonus GC69YJR 2016-07-08 Not Found
We found the location but cound not find where the hole was for the micro to be nicely tucked away
HHWP 03 - ENJOY THIS LAND GC69YK1 2016-07-08 Not Found
Lots of bounce found the general area based on the photo - but still cound not find the Bison Tubes lare - we spent some time here.
Leatherwoman at the Crossroads GC3E6M 2016-06-24 Found
This was our first cache for the day. It was a beautiful day and not a cloud in the sky. The forest was just just asking us to hike it looked very inviting so left a travel bug and moved on down the trial ..... TFTC!
Mattatuck-Jericho Junction GC4BD6 2016-06-24 Found
This was number three for the day and it was time to take a rest. And it is a nice place for a rest. We had some cheezy pepperoni and goldfish and went on down for a nap in the cave. My son kept asking do they really put ammo in that box? I said why not?. TFTC!!!
Leatherman's Cave GC83DE 2016-06-24 Found
This was number two for the day and can you say You picked theeeee wrong way!. The Mountain Laurel was thick and it was hard to find a path between them. We were glad to find our way here because it also got us back to a trail. Before we were in a marsh like area and the trail just seemed to disappear. So....TYVMFTC!!!!
On the way to the Junction GC4BD8D 2016-06-24 Found
And it's number Four for today and we are starting to make some ground after wandering around in the woods for a hour. We made it to the general area but there seemed to be some bounce but, with help of the clue, and then the machine pointing us a little farther in, we saw it ......... with a little help from the clue! TFTC!!!
The River Jerico GCR8GZ 2016-06-24 Found
FIVE Beautiful Caches so farToday! This was a nice place. We decided to go the extra 3/4 of a mile just for the waterfall. It was a little buggy but we stayed until we found it. We were on both sides on the water but finally figured out which side we needed to be and found GZ. We left a travel bug and headed back for the car. TFTC!!
Leatherwoman Waiting by a Tree GC3E6MG 2016-06-24 Found
This was our last cache of the day, number six. Some how me missed this one on the way in but we were able to pick it up on the rebound. It turns out is was only about 250 feet from our car. So it was a nice ending to a nice 3+ hour hike. TFTC!!
Leatherman's Circuit - Black Rock GCV69D 2016-06-24 Not Found
We got close to where GZ should be but I believe we were about 100 feet up. I did not do my homework on this one so we moved on rather quickly - we will be back!
Bloom Presesrve GC5W00G 2016-06-17 Found
Well this was our first cache in a looooooonnnggg time. It felt great! And they were not kidding this place is very well grown and the PI can been seen everywhere you go. Had a little trouble getting the rust ot of the GPS but we found it ..... TFTC!
Bailey's Happy Landing GC5B20 2016-06-17 Found
Lots O' Wild flowers! There were about 5-6 different kinds that lined te pathways. This was our first visit here in a long while and the renovated Windmill looks great, Thanks! Left an Olive Shell from South Carolina, TFTC!
Burn Baby Burn GC62FH 2016-06-17 Found
Let's Go Brookfield!!! We used to play here a few years ago. Ohh the memories. New just where to look from the clue. You had a Brookfield Barracuda (Baseball) and a Brookfield Rocket (Soccer) here today! Left and Olive Shell from South Carolina,