2016 Summer Project

by Elena and Dmitry

Our Collections

Our Plaques Images

Plaques that we have found in the woods dedicated to the rememberance of special people who have gone out of thier way to make something better for all of us. Thanks!!!

Below are the photos we have taken this summer on our hikes.
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No. Image Name Where Found Date Found
73 Windmill Dedication Plaque Happy Landings 2016-06-17
114 Plaque Dedicated To the Dogs Holcombe Hill 2016-07-08
141 Pond Dedication Plaque Holcombe Hill 2016-07-08
160 Dedication Plaque Steeprock Forest 2016-07-15
188 Boy Scout Dedication Steeprock Forest 2016-07-15
240 911 Remebrance Plaque Michael Ciaiola Conservation 2016-07-27
296 Allen Hurlburt memorial Leatherman's Cave Roxbury 2016-07-22