2016 Summer Project

by Elena and Dmitry

Farrington Woods

The Hidden Woods

As we entered Farrington Woods in Danbury we started to look where to park the car and we saw a house on the left of us which looked as if it was in the park. How nice. We unloaded our gear from the car and started our hike. After about a 100 feet down the trail I found the first cache!! I opened the cache and found half a dollar bill in it, but we left it. What can you do with half a dollar bill? The trails weren't hard to walk at all. They were straight and easy . I loved these trails!!! As we were walking we saw a few different types of flowers.

As we continued our hike we approached a group of tangled and mangled up dead trees on the ground in a big pile like large toothpicks. I believe this destruction was caused by a hurricane, maybe Sandy from 2012. In the mess of all of the downed trees you can see tall trunks sticking out where they were snapped off in the wind.

We walked just a little bit more and saw a beautiful lake with lily pads all around the edges. The views of the lake were great! I love the views this lake gave us! On the edge of the lake there was a small green boat. I think it was most likely used for fishing. In the water we saw a few small fish and a green frog. At this place on the shore there was an old chimney and what looks like the outline of a foundation to a house. It would be cool living here with a beautiful lake right in front of your house! Ohh, to just sit by the lake and watch the world go by.

Along the trails we passed a few surveillance cameras. At first we thought they were big bird houses. We saw at least five of them throughout the hike. They are up high on trees and made out of wood and painted brown. As we were walking, the trail became a little bit harder, we had to go up and that's when we saw a old weathered rock on top of some younger rocks. How do you think this happened?

Next we passed an old beat up yellow graffiti car with its trunk open across the way from us. I wonder how long it's been there? After that, we passed a giant square hole in the ground that was definitely dug by someone for something. I wonder what it was for, a cellar?

All of the sudden as we were bushwhacking we came upon a tree that had three names carved into it. There was George Tremblay and Mike Moore who signed the tree when they were eleven years old in 1973. However, Mo Davis also signed the tree but in the year of 1963. Since then the tree has grown and the names have spread out. Cool!

The cache we were now heading for now is named Red and Blue makes Purple. When we found it, inside there was another half of a dollar bill so we decided to take it and see if it matches up with the piece we saw in the first cache. When my brother found the cache he said “ why walk away from the cache so soon?” I thought that was funny!

Next we were off to a place named the Devil’s Den. We bushwhacked our own trail most of the way there. We had to walk down a steep slope which was very slippery. Then we had to climb back up and onto the rocks where we then snuck down a little chute and into the Den. The walls kept it very cool in here. Nice! It looks as if it was a giant water chute at one time. There was also a cache here and we found it easily. It was a huge space!

Now we started to walk back to the car. I thought this was so fun! I found three of the seven caches today! We walked five miles in three hours. Next, all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw then heard something move, it was a small brown frog. It was very tiny. Wow.

We were almost back to the car when we stopped by the first cache to see if the other half of the dollar bill was a match to the one found in the other cache. It was! So now we had both halves to make a dollar. Great! It was different ending to a very nice hike!